Cruz Embraces Preacher Who Said Jews Should Accept Christ Or Be Hunted

The Republican presidential candidate receives an endorsement from a radical extremist who once said Jews must become Christians or God will “hunt” them.

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz seems extremely proud of the latest endorsement of his presidential bid — an evangelical pastor who has, at least on one occasion, said that Jews would be exterminated if they don’t accept Jesus as their lord and savior.

Cruz’s new pal, pastor Mike Bickle, is the founder and director of the International House of Prayer in Kansas City. Not only has he deemed same-sex marriage as a sign of the “end times,” but also blames Jews for the Holocaust. Moreover, he is also a luminary of the New Apostolic Reformation movement  a group that reportedly believes God can present followers with additional revelation and empower church leaders, like Bickle himself, with the status of modern-day prophet.

“Through prayer, the Lord has changed my life and altered my family’s story,” the Republican presidential candidate said in a statement. “I am grateful for Mike’s dedication to call a generation of young people to prayer and spiritual commitment. Heidi and I are grateful to have his prayers and support. With the support of Mike and many other people of faith, we will fight the good fight, finish the course, and keep the faith.”

As The Forward reports, Bickle’s other beliefs disturbingly include Oprah Winfrey being a forerunner of the antichrist  an evil being who will dominate the world before being defeated by Jesus Christ. He also said Jews could be lured in by “fishermen” and converted, or “hunters,” like Adolf Hitler, could wipe them out.

Obviously, the pastor believes his congregation to be the fishermen.

“Our nation is in a great crisis in this hour. We need a president who will first be faithful to honor God’s word,” Bickle said in a news release. “We need a president who will work to defend religious liberty, uphold our Constitution, keep our country safe and our economy sound, and speak truth to the nation. We have been praying for righteous leaders, and Ted Cruz is such a leader. I am enthusiastically endorsing Ted Cruz.”

With Iowa poised to choose a Republican presidential nominee in a few days, Cruz needs all the help he can get to beat the party frontrunner Donald Trump in polls. After all, Bickle is just another name in a long list of radical pastors who have thrown their weight behind the Texas senator.

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