A Poodle Walking On Hind Legs Is Not Adorable — It's Animal Abuse

A poodle in China filmed wearing fancy costumes has become an internet star, but people are calling out its owner for animal abuse.

Dou Dou, a poodle in Shanghai, China has become popular among netizens for his ability to walk on his hind legs like a human. Dressed in fancy costumes, sometimes carrying a backpack, the little dog strutting China’s streets often turns heads.

But many people are criticizing a recent video of him posted on the internet. Wearing an adorable outfit, shoes, a jacket and even carrying a backpack Dou Dou almost resembles a human child.  But obviously dressing up like this and waking on two legs is not natural for an animal, which means he’s been trained to do so.

The 2-year-old dog, which has been dressed in hundreds of outfits, underwent rigorous training that involved shouting, beating and punishing to make him who he is now. But that comes under animal cruelty and abuse.

Internet users have linked Dou Dou walking on two feet to humans being made to get down on all four.

“Dogs have four legs for a reason. They don't naturally walk on two — and certainly not over long distances — because it can be uncomfortable and cause them physical injury. There are many ways that people can have fun with their dogs which are respectful and don't involve ridiculing them,” Elisa Allen, director of PETA UK told MailOnline. 

Animal abuse is quite common in China. The annual Yulin meat festival held in the country is prime example of animal cruelty, where tens of thousands of dogs and cats are captured and heartlessly butchered after which their meat is sold in the market. Although people have come forward and protested the bizarre festival, nothing has been done about it so far. Whether it will take place in 2017 will be determined with time, as for now, activists are saying the event has been canceled.

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