Draft-Dodger Trump Calls Senator A ‘Phony Vietnam Con Artist’

President Donald Trump lashed out against Connecticut Sen. Richard Blumenthal in a Twitter tantrum after the lawmaker criticized him on CNN.

President Donald Trump’s latest tweetstorm was a hypocritical rant early Monday morning targeting Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-Connecticut).

It is well-documented that Trump has dodged the draft multiple times, yet he had the audacity to slam Blumenthal as a “phony Vietnam con artist.”

According to the New York Daily News, Trump’s attack against the Connecticut lawmaker came after his appearance on CNN Monday morning during which he said Trump is attempting to “politicize” the United States Justice Department by toughening up on press leaks.

Blumenthal doubled down on his assertion by saying that he thinks this strategy may have a “chilling effect on the press and on whistleblowers,” and discourage reporting on topics that might be “embarrassing or unwelcome.”

Following Trump’s rant, the senator responded, criticizing the president for bullying.

It should be noted that, while harsh and hypocritical, Trump’s remarks about Blumenthal are not totally untrue.

After claiming on multiple occasions that he fought in the Vietnam War, it came to light in 2010 that Blumenthal actually dodged the draft several times before enlisting in the Marine Corps Reserve in 1970 and serving for six years in the U.S.

When The New York Times exposed him, Blumenthal apologized in a press conference surrounded by veterans.

Nevertheless, Trump has no right to criticize anyone’s military service, or lack thereof, considering he ditched the draft with four student deferments before escaping it once and for all with a medical excuse for supposed bone spurs in his heels. 

As the saying goes: People who live in glass houses should not throw stones. 

Banner/Thumbnail Photo Credit: Reuters — Trump: Yuri Gripas, Blumenthal: Joshua Roberts

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