Dramatic Moment Police Deliberately Ram A Stolen Moped Off The Road

Police chase a stolen moped in the U.K. and manage to knock off and arrest the thief.

Video from the London borough Merton shows why facing off against a revving police car is never a good idea when you've just stolen a moped.

A helicopter caught the moment when a police car pursued and knocked off two suspects from a stolen moped in a high-speed pursuit.

The video shows the moped being spun into oncoming lanes of traffic after the police car bumped the back of the small motorcycle from behind while closing the gap.

The suspects can be seen making a run for it on foot but were chased by police dogs and arrested on suspicion of theft.

Police said the suspects had been driving dangerously through Merton.

Roads & Transport Policing Command tweeted: "WestRPT implementing correctly authorized tactical contact on stolen moped earlier today in MPSMerton both arrested."

Detective Chief Superintendent Nick Downing tweeted his gratitude for a task well done:



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Banner/thumbnail credit: Pixabay, diegoparra

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