Driver Caught With Arsenal Of Guns Claims He Was Rushing To Save Teen

A man and two accomplices were caught driving to New York City in a car packed full of weapons which they claim were for an attempt to save a drug-addicted teen.


A man on his way to New York City was caught by police with a large number of guns and knives in his car. He is claiming that he was on his way to save a teenage girl who had overdosed on drugs.

John Cramsey was driving around with seven guns —including rifles — along with four knives and 10 clips of ammunition. He also had body armor and a military-grade helmet, which were all seized by police, according to ABC News.

Initially, he was stopped at the Holland Tunnel toll plaza for having a cracked windshield.

Naturally, the amount of weaponry Cramsey was carrying prompted concerns and the Joint Terrorism Task Force was brought in; however, it was determined by law enforcement that terrorism was not connected to this man’s actions.

For one thing, if he was trying to carry out an act of terrorism it would have been wise not to drive around in a large brightly colored truck with a cracked windshield.

Cramsey’s daughter recently died of an accidental heroin overdose and he said he was trying to save a 16-year-old girl from the same fate by rescuing her from a drug den.

The young girl that Cramsey was supposedly planning to save reportedly told police that she didn’t need to be rescued.

He also had two passengers with him: a 29-year-old unnamed woman and a man named Dean Smith.

Cramsey and his passengers are all being held in jail and face weapons possession charges.

Authorities are likely seeking more details surrounding this incident, considering there are so many questions left unanswered, including how Cramsey was even acquainted with the young girl. 

Cramsey may truly be trying to reinvent himself as a vigilante hero to save young women because he couldn’t save his own daughter. He is likely living with a deeply-rooted pain that he doesn’t want anyone else’s parents to experience.

While this incident shows a very extreme humanitarian gesture and indicates that Cramsey may have watched the “Taken” franchise movies a few too many times, it’s also quite noble. 

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