Watch: Tesla Model S Goes Airborne After Driver Overspeeds

Security footage captured the roadster getting airborne speeding over railroad tracks before crashing in a parking lot.


A Tesla Model S driver thought it was OK to overspeed his vehicle – it wasn’t.

Security footage captured the roadster losing control after getting airborne and speeding over railroad tracks in Barrie, Ontario, Canada.

Just like a scene out of the movies, the car can be seen flying in the air, like lightning. Turns out, the driver lost control on landing before crashing in a parking lot of an elementary school.

The 46-year-old driver wasn’t alone; the car had another passenger. Both the people who were sitting in the vehicle were treated for minor injuries after crash-landing. Later, the driver was arrested and charged for “dangerous driving.”

According to an investigation in the case, the vehicle reportedly went airborne for over a dozen feet after running over a rail track. Then the car crashed down in the oncoming lane 100 feet away before hitting a tree. After the crash, the four-door Model S was completely demolished. It’s a wonder the two people inside the car got away with only minor injuries.

The multiple angles of the video demonstrate that the car was going really fast.

This particular incident that could have had deadly consequences prompted local police to put up a message for all the rash drivers on Twitter.


Driving adventurously might sound cool to some drivers; however, it is a risky activity not only for the drivers overspeeding their cars but also for the people on the road.  

Thumbnail/Banner Image: Reuters, Hannibal Hanschke, File Photo

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