Driver Killed A Pedestrian, Then Stopped To Get Taco Bell

An intoxicated driver unknowingly hit and killed a pedestrian in Springfield, Massachusetts. After the accident; he went into a Taco Bell drive-thru lane.

Hit-and-run accidents happen on a daily basis, but one man hitting a pedestrian and running away to a fast food joint was a unique incident.

Robert Loranger, 66, believed he hit a cardboard box, not a pedestrian with his 2013 white Cadillac this week, according to The Republican

After learning that he indeed hit and killed a human being, as opposed to a box, Loranger said to local police officer, “Why wasn’t I told this?”

The 66-year-old was on Page Boulevard in Springfield, Massachusetts when he accidentally hit a pedestrian named Harry Fernandez, and just minutes later, he went to a nearby Taco Bell to buy food.

Springfield Police Officer George H. Jacques wrote in a report, “The vehicle used the drive-thru lane to place a food order before leaving.”

Police officers tracked down and arrested Loranger at his home, and he was charged on three accounts of being under the influence of alcohol, a hit-and-run, and possession of crack cocaine.  

He told law enforcement officials that he takes blood thinners, narcotic painkillers, blood pressure medication, and other medications for his health problems.

The cocaine was found in a pill bottle inside and key chain and more than 10 other pill bottles were found in his vehicle, according to the police.

The cops were able to determine that Loranger was under the influence through the blood, hair, and body tissue they found on the windshield of his car.

Loranger told police that the damage to his car was caused by items that fell from a box truck, still not convinced that he struck a pedestrian.

He will appear in court next month and his bail is set at $95,000.

Drivers who take a massive amount of different medications should be banned from driving altogether, since this may have been a big part of his fatal hit-and-run accident

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