Baby Killed, 17 Injured After Motorist Slams Into Crowd In Brazil

At least 17 people were injured on the Copacabana beach boardwalk in Rio de Janeiro after a driver lost control of his car, killing a baby in the process.

Tragedy struck in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, after a car rammed into pedestrians on a boardwalk, killing a baby and injuring 17 people.

CBS News reports that a motorist jumped the curb on the crowded Copacabana beach boardwalk. Among the injured is a 68-year-old Australian man breathing with the help of a respirator.

This sounds like another act of terrorism, but police said that is was not. Apparently, the driver told police that he is epileptic and had not been drinking, but lost control of the car.

According to Time, the driver fled the scene of the crash only to be arrested later by Brazilian police. Authorities came across medication for epilepsy in the car and suspect that he may have suffered an epileptic episode. Yet why aren't there barriers on the boardwalk to prevent incidents like this from happening? A curb isn’t safe enough to protect pedestrians from accidents. 

A couple months back, a car traveling 50-62 mph intentionally ploughed into pedestrians at a busy intersection in Melbourne, Australia, injuring 14 people. Police arrested the driver and a second man.

Authorities in Brazil should take the same measure as Australia and install concrete barricades to protect its pedestrians in the future.

Banner / Thumbnail : REUTERS, Sebastian Rocandio 

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