Driver Plows Into Parked Cars Then Reports His Vehicle Stolen

The strange incident was caught on tape, showing the driver and passengers callously leave the scene without checking to see if anyone was injured.

Cars parallel parked along a street

A video shows a man in England smash his car violently into two parked cars, then jump out and bolt down the street. 

The driver, 24-year-old James Baker, proceeded to run to a nearby phone booth and call police, trying to trick them into believing his car had been stolen. But DNA evidence on the car's airbag proved Baker was the one behind the wheel. 

A woman in one of the other cars suffered whiplash injuries from the incident, the Grimsby Telegraph reported.  

Watching Baker callously escape the scene of an accident was bizarre enough, but the most surreal moment in the video came when Baker's two passengers emerged from the car: first one, then the other each climbed out casually and looked around before walking away as though nothing happened. 

One wonders what illicit substances might have been in their bodies to inspire their zombie-like exit from the scene. 

You really have to watch the video to catch how strange it looks. 

Someone appeared to pull out their phone and film the two passengers as they walked away — and rightfully so.  

There was no further information reported about the passengers which might explain their behavior. 

Obviously, Baker was the one most culpable though, and he was ordered to pay fines and compensation to the injured woman totaling £725 (about $1,000). He was also banned from driving for two years. 

A mitigating attorney for Baker said that he'd been suffering difficulties after a breakup with his girlfriend and "spent many nights living and sleeping in the car in the garage." 

The attorney further said, "He realizes how more serious this could have been, and he is genuinely sorry." 

Luckily, no one was seriously injured, but this incident is certainly one of the strangest car crashes to be caught on tape. 

Banner image credit: Pixabay, Pixel-mixer 

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