Woman’s BMW Plunges 7 Stories In Parking Garage Accident

A driver miraculously survives a car’s crash landing after a seven-story plunge.


In what seems like an unfathomable situation, a camera captured a car falling into view out of nowhere.

Authorities released video showing the moment a BMW 4 Series plunged seven stories off the edge of a parking garage in downtown Austin, narrowly missing a man driving his SUV as it smashed into the alley below.

Christi Bowmer was parking her car on the seventh floor of an Austin garage, when the vehicle mistakenly accelerated, going through retention wires and into a building across the alley. Her car tumbled to the ground, where it landed nose-first and struck another vehicle before coming to a grinding stop.

Amazingly, both drivers in the BMW and SUV were alright.

“I went straight down, and I watched myself in slow motion,” Bowmer, 49, said in a statement, she added: “I thought I was going to die.”

She nearly did. She was reportedly taken to a nearby hospital with serious injuries. Bowmer broke her back, leg, ankle and sternum in the fall, and two arterial hemorrhages in her head threatened her life.

Banner/Thumbnail Credit: Reuters

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