Drone-Related Car Crash Claims Life Of Young Woman

A police investigation into a drone seen flying near a prison led to the death of a young woman who was a passenger in a car that crashed near the scene.


The first non-military related drone fatality is said to have occurred in London early Tuesday.

Police responded to reports of a drone being flown near Wandsworth Prison. A car was spotted leaving the area as officers were conducting an investigation and they decided to follow it.

Shortly after, the vehicle — driven by a man in his 20s — was involved in a fatal collision that killed his female passenger, according to The Independent.

The driver was reportedly taken to a west London hospital in critical condition.

It’s unknown whether or not the two civilians had anything to do with the alleged drone that was flying near the prison, but an investigation by the Independent Police Complaints Commission is currently underway.

Non-military drones have been used frequently to smuggle contraband into prisons, which is why the initial reports of the drone prompted the urgent investigation. Although, it has not been determined if Tuesday morning’s drone sighting was just a coincidence or not.

Unfortunately, the police now have a tragic death on their hands as a result of their efforts to make sure smuggled goods were not entering the prison.

This may be the first death outside of military use caused by a drone, but it’s certainly not the first accident.

Last year, an 18-month-old Worcester toddler had his eyeball sliced by the propeller of a drone that had spun out of control, according to the Independent and earlier this year a man in New York City was arrested for flying his drone into the Empire State Building.

Technological advancements such as drones can be either a gift or a curse. Whoever was flying a drone near the prison, whether smugglers or not, should have known better than to have the aerial vehicle anywhere near the facility and now, a life has been lost as a result of their wrongdoing. 

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