Drunk Man's Friends Threw Him Outside For Snoring — Now He's Dead

A Frenchman lost his life after his friends left him outside naked for allegedly snoring too loudly when drunk. The two men have now been charged with manslaughter.

Photo: Reuters

The intentions behind most pranks are pretty harmless. But when combined with drinking alcohol, the results can prove to be deadly.

France’s The Local reported a disheartening story about a drunken prank gone too far. Two men, ages 28 and 35, living in Seine-Saint-Denis, France, were charged with manslaughter and failing to rescue a person in need for accidentally killing their 35-year-old drinking buddy.

It started as a typical night of drinking shared among friends. A group of five men were in an apartment when the victim fell asleep after imbibing too much alcohol.

“The victim, who had drunk more than the others, suddenly fell into a deep and unconscious sleep,” a source told AFP.

While he was passed out, his friends removed his clothes. This was allegedly done as a deterrent to keep him from driving when he woke up.

After two of the men left the apartment, the other two remaining men eventually moved their naked, sleeping friend outside because he was “snoring too loud.”

“They decided to take him outside into the courtyard of the building,” said the source.

The accused also drew on the victim’s face “for laughs.”

Although a coroner’s report was not made publicly available, the victim’s body was found lifeless the next morning after spending a night in near-freezing temperatures.

The unnecessary death of this young man is absolutely heartbreaking considering that it could have easily been avoided.

Clearly the judgment of his so-called friends was misguided. How could they have possibly thought that putting him outside in 37-degree-Fahrenheit weather — without clothes — was a good idea?

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