Dubai Sheikh's Love For Horses Saves Cornish Community Center

Although the amount the Sheikh contributed remains unknown, it is estimated that he chipped in most of the $116,802 needed to build the Cornish village.

The Emir of Dubai has made a generous contribution toward a good cause, helping a Cornish community buy and turn an old chapel into a village hall.

It all started off when Villagers of Godolphin Cross, near Heston, United Kingdom, found out the Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum has a strong connection with the global Godolphin horse racing empire.  Apparently, the racers' horses are all Godolphin Arabian descendants, which means he has a soft spot for the Godolphin community.

The community members used sheikh's link to the Godlphin's to request donations and surprisingly he obliged.

Although he tried to stay anonymous and the Godolphin Cross Community Association would only say it had received help from a mystery international donor, the association chairman Richard McKie claimed that the sheikh was the man behind the cash donated.

"It's a fairytale, really. It's not often a sheikh steps in to help a Cornish village," he said.

Although the exact amount donated by the Sheikh is unknown, the villagers had collected around $33,000 from events and donations and needed approximately $70,000 more for their project, the remaining amount probably donated by the emir.

Now the community members need to collect roughly $3,89,640 for renovation of the chapel.

"We can't thank Sheikh Mohammed enough and we'd love to see him in this neck of the woods any time. He has put his money to help a community staring down the barrel of having nowhere to go for community events," McKie added. 

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