Man Kills Colleague Over 'Smelly Feet'

Both the men engaged in a heated confrontation after the defendant asked his colleague to move his “smelly feet” away.

An expat worker allegedly killed his colleague in the United Arab Emirates after by stabbing him with a blade, according to The National.

The murder reportedly took place after a scuffle broke out between the two over the victim’s “smelly feet.”

As per the court documents, the two electricians, both from Pakistan, went to relax during their midday break “in the cramped conditions” at the worksite where the defendant then asked his colleague to move his feet away.

The site's supervisor said the two men were among other workers in the company's site on July 26, 2016. When the victim refused, the tiff escalated into a “fist fight.”

"Other workers told me the two men engaged in a heated argument then in a fist fight when the deceased refused to move away his feet then insulted the defendant’s family," the Syrian supervisor at the worksite told The National.

When the supervisor reached the scene of the scuffle, the accused had left and the attack had not taken place yet.

"I had them all leave the room and take a rest outside, then I was walking towards my car when a worker ran towards me and said the defendant attacked the deceased with a blade," the supervisor added.

He immediately went back and found the defendant standing next to the victim, who was bleeding profusely from his neck.

The supervisor wrapped a scarf around the wound and called for an ambulance. However, by the time help arrived, the man was already dead.

"The accused first denied stabbing the victim but later admitted he attacked him claiming the victim verbally abused his family," a police officer told The National.

The accused has denied a premeditated murder charge. The next hearing is due on March 29.

Banner and thumbnail credit: Reuters, Kim Kyung Hoon

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