‘Dumb Spoiled Brat’ Takes Selfies As Dad Discusses Genocide Before UN

Azerbaijan President Ilham Aliyev’s daughter was too busy taking selfies and making faces while her father urged the UN to help him combat "genocide" at his borders.

As her father, Azerbaijan President Ilham Aliyev, spoke before the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) on genocide this week, Leyla Aliyeva didn’t seem moved by the subject of his talk. Instead, she was obviously too busy with more pressing matters, such as making faces and taking selfies.

Leyla Aliyeva, 33, was in the audience sitting next to her 53-year-old mother and Azerbaijan Vice-President Mehriban Aliyeva while her father addressed the UN, discussing the conflict between Azerbaijan and neighboring Armenia.

With the two countries in conflict since the late 1980s, Armenia’s armed forces eventually occupied 20 percent of the neighboring country in the early 1990s. Now, as tensions escalate, Ilham Aliyev took to the UN to ask for help, only to see his efforts ridiculed online thanks to his spoiled offspring.

As the The New York Times pointed out, the Azerbaijan president is seen as “a masterful political Jekyll and Hyde,” who’s been known to confront European and U.S. policy makers on several occasions. That alone may stand in the way between Ilham Aliyev and his cries for help before the UN.

Still, as he told world leaders that “more than one million of Azerbaijanis became refugees and internally displaced persons” because of the growing hostility between the two countries, a split-screen camera caught his daughter clearly ignoring her father’s plea for help.

All that the world saw instead was a president asking for compassion while his oblivious and spoiled daughter spent some quality time making faces while taking selfies — not the best way to go about if you’re trying to compel the world to help you fight a neighboring army.

If anything, one social media commentator charged, this shows just how rich kids often lack culture.

In addition, it also shows that, perhaps, dictators do not know how to raise their kids to be considerate citizens.

After all, Leyla Aliyeva is now 33 years old. If anything, she should know how to behave in public in a less childish manner.

Banner and thumbnail image credit: Reuters/Paul Hackett

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