Woman Was Allegedly Groped During A Trump Tower Protest

A young woman from New York who was protesting outside Trump Tower last week was sexually assaulted during the demonstration. Cops are investigating.

While a 27-year-old woman from Staten Island was attending a “Pu**y Power” rally in Manhattan, she was sexually assaulted by a passerby, the Daily Beast reports. The incident occurred last week, around 6:15 p.m., and police released info on Oct. 24. The man, who was reportedly a stranger to the woman, groped her breast. 

The event was in protest of Donald Trump’s leaked audio recordings, released by the Washington Post, in which Trump boasted about sexually assaulting women. More than 100 demonstrators were in attendance. 

As New York Magazine details, nearly two dozen accounts of Trump’s sexual misconduct exist, from former miss USA contestants enduring unwanted kissing to various forms of the crime enacted on young teens, journalists, and artists alike. 

The protests are only growing louder as terrible reports accusing the presidential candidate of harassment, assault, and rape circulate. It is our sincere hope every member of society not only pays attention to the disturbingly long list of accusations, but also acts accordingly and spreads the word. Though it shouldn’t need to be said, sexual assault — be it from billionaire white men or otherwise — is never, ever acceptable. 

Someday, hopefully, Trump will receive his comeuppance . . . and preferably in the near future.

Banner Image Credit: Reuters/Eduardo Munoz

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