Twitter Slams Trump For Misspelled Note Denying Russia Collusion

President Donald Trump's notes during presser show that the president has decided that there was no collusion, and that the president needs to work on his spelling.


President Donald Trump may be dealing with accusations of treason after his press conference side by side with Russia President Vladimir Putin, but it was what was scribbled on his notes during a Tuesday presser that is causing a huge sensation on Twitter.

While talking to reporters on Tuesday, Trump left his notes exposed, and on one of the pages spread across his desk, it’s clear that the president wrote “THERE WAS NO COLUSION” in all caps. Yes, with the word “collusion” incorrectly spelled.

Obviously, Twitter had a field day.

Eventually, CNBC reporter Christina Wilkie noticed another problematic change to Trump’s remarks, thanks to his carelessness.

The line “Anyone involved in that meddling to justice" appears to be crossed out, she pointed out, making it appear that the president may not be willing to make people pay for reportedly interfering with the 2016 election.

Much like the last time Trump’s notes were spotted by reporters, Trump appears oblivious to just how many details about his personality are revealed in his handwritten notes.

When he was caught with a list of lines while talking to victims of shootings, it appeared he required a reminder to sound compassionate. Now, one can only assume he is not entirely convinced the intelligence community is correct in its assessment of the collusion probe.


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