Dutch Freedom Party’s Leader Wants To Outlaw Islam

The Dutch freedom Party leader has long since incited hatred against Muslims and once again he swears to ban Islam if he becomes prime minister.

When right-wing, anti-Islam politician, Geert Wilders, said he would ensure there were “fewer Moroccans” in Netherlands, outrage ensued — but apparently he did not learn his lesson.

Now the head of the Dutch Freedom Party (PVV) has launched a new proposal that calls for “de-Islamization” of Netherlands, as he runs his campaign to become the next prime minister ahead of March 2017 legislative elections.

And how exactly does he plan to do that? By banning some of the key tenets of Islam such as the holy book of Koran, mosques, Islamic schools, head covering  and denying entry to Muslim migrants by securing borders. Basically his aim is prohibition of all “Islamic expressions which violate public order.”

To some, these actions might seem like a breach of Muslims’ constitutional rights, but Wilders — whose hair and incendiary rhetoric has been compared to Donald Trump’s — insists these actions will save the country 7.2 billion pounds ($8 billion).

“The PVV is fighting Islam, wants to close the borders of the European Union and all the billions we thus save giving back to the people,” Wilders said in a statement. “My message to Netherlands: Netherlands must again be ours”- (sounds eerily familiar doesn’t it?).







Wilders’ manifesto has been described as “utterly bizarre and unbelievable” by Sybrand van Haersma Buma,the leader of the Christian Democratic Appeal, who thinks it will “further polarize Dutch society.”

Many of the parties have said they will not go into coalition with the Freedom Party.

This isn’t the first time Wilders have incited hatred. In 2009, he was banned from U.K. on security grounds after his film “Fitna” labeled the Koran as a fascist book and caused much controversy with the public. However, shortly afterwards his ban was overturned.

In 2011, he was brought to court for accusing Islam of being a violent religion and calling for a ban on Muslim immigration. In 2016, he once again created controversy by inciting hatred against Moroccan Muslims.

The current migrant crisis has polarized the Netherlands leading to attacks on refugee centers and a simmering debate. Wilders has also asserted he will do everything in his power to cut ties with the EU despite an unsuccessful first attempt in June following Britain’s exit.

The Freedom Party has also promised to cut off all foreign aid while calling for funds to be diverted towards security.

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