Dutch Government May Ban Cell Phone Use On Bikes

The Dutch government has recently considered banning local bikers from using their cell phones while riding their bicycles due to dangerous risks it may cause.

With millions of people riding their bikes throughout the Netherlands, the Dutch government is strongly considering eliminating cell phone usagewhile riding altogether. 

Two years ago, the Dutch government publicly stated that “smartphones have contributed to one in five bike accidents involving cyclists,” according to Sacramento Bee.

cell phones usage

Melanie Schultz van Haegen, Transport Minister in the Netherlands, is considering bringing this law into action after a failed attempt from transportation officers to strongly inform youth to keep their cell phones in their pockets for the duration of their bike rides, according to News West 9.

Across the globe in various countries, people of all ages have become obsessed with texting and using social media on their cell phones.

Many people, including bicyclists, become possessive and hesitate whenever they are told to put their phones away for a short while.

In 2015, the Netherlands had 22,000 miles of cycle paths. More than a quarter of the rides were via bicycle, compared with 2% in the United Kingdom, according to The Guardian.

Thousands of miles of cycle paths is both a beautiful, yet dangerous site for locals and those visiting the Netherlands.

Frankly, most of us drivers become nervous when bicyclists swerve into the bike lane, sometimes even taking up lanes reserved for cars only-mix in bike riders on their cell phones and also using their electronic headphones while traveling in bike lanes and that makes an even bigger recipe for a disaster to occur on the road. 

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