Dwyane Wade Speaks Out After Florida Victim Is Buried In His Jersey

Dwyane Wade refused to stay silent on gun violence following the revelation that a Florida victim was buried in his jersey.

All the students slaughtered in the Florida shooting had a story of dreams and aspirations, which were tragically brought to an end on Feb. 14 when a former student allegedly opened fire at their school.

Joaquin Oliver is among those who died in the gun violence. He was a member of the Parkland Basketball Club and an avid fan of Miami Heat star, Dwyane Wade.

Oliver was buried in Wade's jersey. His parents revealed this heart-wrenching piece of information on the Univsion talk show, “Al Punto.” It didn’t go unnoticed by the basketball star as he addressed the untimely death of the 17-year-old on Twitter.




Prior to paying homage to Oliver, Wade extended his condolences to his parents.

“You hurt for the family. If you ever get the opportunity to speak to them, you just try to hope the time where he was alive that you were able to bring some type of joy to his life and something memorable," he told reporters, according to Miami Herald. "A story that his family and you guys can talk about. Like I said, I retweeted on Twitter, you’re going to make me cry. It’s emotional even thinking about that, that his parents felt that, buried him in my jersey was something that he wanted. I take pride in what I’ve done in this state and what I’ve meant for the youth. I appreciate it.”


Wade’s refusal to “shut up and dribble,” was in reference to Fox News host Laura Ingraham’s impertinent comment from last week.

In response to NBA superstar Lebron James' criticism of President Donald Trump's failure to address gun violence, Ingraham told James to "shut up and dribble."

Wade, who used to be James’ teammate on the Miami Heat, didn’t hesitate from divulging his contempt for Ingraham’s racist taunt:


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