Faithful Dog, Poisoned By Thieves, Runs To Owner To Say Goodbye

The dog was playing with another puppy in an alley when, suddenly, two men on a motorbike emerged. One of them fired a weapon and poisoned one of the dogs.

A video of a faithful dog trying to spend the last moments of its life with its owner has left many internet users heartbroken.

The incident occurred in Changzhou, China, reportedly on April 20.

Footage of the incident shows the dog playing in an alley with a puppy when suddenly two men, suspected dog thieves, on a motorbike emerge.

The man sitting on the rear seat takes out a gun and shoots one of the dogs with what is believed to be a poison dart.

The scared pet immediately runs to a house and finds a woman, presumably its owner.

She appears to be unaware of the dog’s condition. However, she soon realizes something is wrong as the poor creature, seconds later starts to shiver and twitch.

Almost a minute later, it dies.

Although it’s not yet clear as to why the dog was poisoned, theft seems to be the prime motive.

Dog theft is very common in China, primarily for the purpose of its meat consumption, which is a centuries-old practice in Southeast Asia. In fact, in Vietnam, dog meat is more expensive than pork and can cost as much as $45 a dish in high-end restaurants, according to The Guardian.

Despite global condemnation, China holds the Yulin Meat Festival every year. The Chinese government claims it doesn’t officially support the event, but also can’t do anything to stop it since it “is staged by private businesses.”

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