Holocaust Museum's ‘Early Warning Signs Of Fascism’ Are Eerily Timely

Disdain for human rights. Rampant sexism. Obsession with national security. Fraudulent elections. Almost all the signs sound familiar. And it’s scary.



Throughout his presidential campaign, Donald Trump’s bigotry toward anyone and everyone who was non-white and non-Christian drew comparisons between him and the genocidal Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler.

However, now that Trump’s actually the president, the disturbing parallels can no longer be ignored.

And that’s exactly why a poster in the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum about “Early Warning Signs Of Fascism” is prompting a lot of concern.

Here are 14 signs listed:

  • Powerful and continuing nationalism
  • Disdain for human rights
  • Identification of enemies as a unifying cause
  • Supremacy of the military
  • Rampant sexism
  • Controlled mass media
  • Obsession with national security
  • Religion and government intertwined
  • Corporate power protected
  • Labor power suppressed
  • Disdain for intellectuals & the arts
  • Obsession with crime & punishment
  • Rampant cronyism & corruption
  • Fraudulent elections

Now, it is a well-documented fact that white supremacists and nationalists, such as former KKK Grand Wizard David Duke and the so-called “alt-right” movement’s poster boy David Spencer, support Trump. In fact, the president’s chief strategist, Steve Bannon, is a self-proclaimed nationalist (read: white supremacist).  

In addition, hate crimes against non-white and non-Christian groups in the U.S. at the hands of mostly white, Trump-supporting racists have also spiked since Trump’s victory.

So the first point in the poster, i.e. “powerful and continuing nationalism,” is definitely what people are witnessing under Trump’s rule.

Trump’s “disdain for human rights” is clear in his recent ban on refugees trying to flee violence and terror in their countries.

The rest of the signs can be interpreted as such:

Identification of enemies as a unifying cause: Trump believes “Islam hates us.”

Supremacy of the military: Trump’s defense spending plans, experts say, would break the budget.

Rampant sexism: Trump has no respect for women whatsoever. He has bragged about groping women. He has shamed women who accused him of sexual assault.

Obsession with national security: Again, Trump’s draconian immigration plans, which include the Muslim travel ban as well as his notorious wall on the Mexican border.

Religion and government intertwined: In June 2015, Donald Trump told CBN News’ "The Brody File": “As president I will be the greatest representative of the Christians they’ve had in a long time.”

Corporate power protected: Despite Trump’s claims that he wants to empower the working class in the country, The New York Times reports “Most Americans see corporations and the affluent gaining influence after President-elect Donald J. Trump takes office.” Meanwhile, Mother Jones recently reported, “The working class is losing bigly under President Trump.”

Labor power suppressed: Trump has previously trashed labor unions. Also, his labor secretary pick Andy Puzder is someone who once said during a 2009 OC Weekly interview that workers are “overprotected” and do not deserve breaks.

Disdain for intellectuals & the arts: Trump follows Fox News and berates Meryl Streep. Enough said.

Obsession with crime & punishment: Trump believes torture works. He loves waterboarding. And he thinks illegally trying Americans in Guantanamo “would be fine.”

Rampant cronyism & corruption: Trump keeps filling his cabinet with Goldman Sachs cronies. Again, enough said.

As far as “controlled mass media” is concerned, there’s no official censoring of the press, yet, but Trump and his cabinet have made it clear they do not trust any publication that doesn’t agree with their agenda. His chief strategist Bannon recently told media to “shut up and listen” and the White House is icing out CNN now.

Fraudulent elections: Again, not something that’s an official fact but there are allegations that the Russian government hacked the presidential election in Trump’s favor.

Almost all the warning signs check out.

Scary stuff.

Banner/Thumbnail Credit :Wikimedia Commons, Twitter

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