Echoing Trump, Texas Lt. Governor Calls For Federal Probe of BLM

Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick (R-Texas) supports a federal probe of members of the Black Lives Matter movement in light of the recent vigilante attacks against police.

Republican Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick of Texas is calling for a criminal investigation of Black Lives Matter, which formed as a peaceful movement to promote awareness against the killing of innocent African-Americans by police officers.

"If you are walking down the street saying 'What do we want, we want to kill cops now,' the president has to speak out against that, and the president needs to stop inviting people to the White House who say they want to kill cops," Patrick said.

His comments came after GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump announced he would have the attorney general lead an investigation into members of the movement. On Monday, Trump told Fox’s Bill O’Reilly that if he is elected president, “we’re going to have to look into [Black Lives Matter].”

On Tuesday afternoon on CNN, Patrick also made the sweeping generalization—“We know we have a distrust in the black community of police”—as a racist rationale for his suggested probe.

The conservative Lt. Gov. has been critical of Black Lives Matter, as he recently called demonstrators “hypocrites” who attended the Dallas protest which resulted in the death of police officers. However, Raw Story noted that he has expressed a degree of regret over using this label.

The recent murders of five police officers in Dallas and three in Baton Rouge has been condemned by the Black Lives Matter movement.  To suggest that its members are likely to be guilty of criminal acts is an absolute smear campaign against the activists, the overwhelming majority of whom having nothing to do with anti-police violence.



Photo credit: Reuters

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