Eclipse Tourists Horrified By Anti-Semitic Banners: 'Unjew Humanity'

The family was on its way to see the eclipse in Oregon from California when they saw at least three anti-Semitic banners hanging from local overpasses.

White nationalists march in Charlottesville.

A California family heading to Oregon to see the eclipse found something a bit more hateful than they would have otherwise expected while on their way.

Michael and Beth Dershowitz were driving to Oregon Saturday morning with their kids when they saw a banner greeting them just south of Eugene hanging from an overpass. The hateful banner read, “UNJEW HUMANITY.”

Other signs were also spotted just south of Salem. They read, “Jewish Financing Available” and “Eclipse Whitey.” On Sunday, Springfield neo-Nazi Jimmy Marr took credit for the anti-Semitic displays.

After noticing the banners, the Dershowitz couple felt shaken, they said. Wanting to confront the person behind these anti-Semitic messages, Michael Dershowitz said he felt he should have done more. But out of fear of what could happen to their children, he changed his mind. Instead, he took a photo.

In an email to a local news organization, Beth Dershowitz said they could have never imagined they would be seeing so much hatred in current day America.

“I cannot believe that we still have to face this vicious anti-Semitism in such a public place in 2017,” she told reporters. “We want to expose this hatred so people stop pretending like it isn't happening in our own backyards.”

The signs were gone by 2 p.m. Saturday when police headed to the locations to have them removed.

It's prohibited for anyone to post signs or banners or have “people calling attention to themselves” on local overpasses. Whenever a sign is placed on overpasses, law enforcement must remove it immediately due to the distraction, a state transportation spokesperson said.

Marr, the man who appears to have taken credit for placing these banners on overpasses, is famous in the region for his public displays of racism.

On social media, he posted photos of the signs and shared articles about them.

On Sunday, he tweeted about the Dershowitz couple, saying he bets Beth Dershowitz is “as fake as Anne Frank's diary.”

When reporters tried to reach Marr for comment, they noticed that the message on his answering machine shows just how dedicated he is to the white nationalist cause.

“Leave us a message after the tone. Tell us what you're doing to fight white genocide,” the message allegedly says.

In 2013, Marr hung up his first banner on a local overpass that read: “Anti-racist is code word for anti-white.”

As the nation struggles to deal with the backlash of the deadly white nationalist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, it's saddening to see that so many other racist “activists” continue to do all in their power to hurt others publicly. 

Perhaps, things may begin to slowly change as now more of these incidents are getting caught on camera and people are beginning to call out bigots for their hate.

Banner and thumbnail credit: Reuters/Adrees Latif

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