Editor Admits Neo-Nazi Website Is ‘Designed To Target Children’

Andrew Anglin, the editor of an infamous neo-Nazi website, said in an interview that his staff’s goal is to target children and teens with their content.

The neo-Nazi website Daily Stormer was “designed to target children,” the site’s editor, Andrew Anglin, told fellow neo-Nazi Christopher Cantwell during his "Radical Agenda" podcast.

This revelation makes the site’s message and appeal all the more dangerous to anyone who’s concerned about the mental health of their children.

During Saturday's interview, Anglin, 33, and Cantwell, 37, were discussing memes and how neo-Nazis use them to “indoctrinate” children. Later in the interview, a 14-year-old boy called in to praise the duo for having influenced him. However, when the kid told the pair that he was “sitting next to a bookshelf with Mein Kampf,” Adolf Hitler’s autobiography, Cantwell told the boy that the show was meant only for entertainment purposes.

Despite this “warning,” Anglin ignored Cantwell, telling the boy that white “men naturally want this.”

“Our goal has to be to give this [ideology] to teenagers and even before teenagers,” he added.

“Over the next five years,” Anglin then told Cantwell, “you're going to see an entire generation coming into their 20s that are on board with all of this.”

“When you think about the number of listens and hits that [Daily Stormer gets]...we have created a movement among the youth that we're not even able [to] gauge the size of," he concluded.

Anglin has made a name for himself after having promoted violence against women and girls and for having praised white nationalists who use terrorism as a tool of political change.

With Daily Stormer serving as the go-to place for white nationalists and members of the anti-Semitic alt-right, the site parrots slogans and shares propaganda that involves the denial of The Holocaust.

But, while the idea that sites like this are actually appealing to teens and pre-teens may sound too surreal, the reality is that this is exactly the age group that neo-Nazis often target, as they focus on recruiting disaffected young men and women.

Elisa Hategan, the author of "Race Traitor," experienced just that.

At the age of 16, Hategan became the poster child for Canada’s largest white supremacist group known as Heritage Front, and at 18, she finally left the organization, helping authorities bring down the group.

While growing up, Hategan suffered abuse. As she felt isolated and out of place, she became the perfect candidate for recruitment. She told reporters that neo-Nazis want children to feel “more alienated and ostracized. It ultimately makes kids more reliant on their hate network,” she said.

People like Anglin, she explained, are like child predators who “lure kids with candy at playgrounds.”

To neo-Nazis like him, she added, targeting children is an “ego boost.”

“Instead of having a conversation with someone powerful or someone that is at an equal level to him [Anglin] chooses to approach someone that doesn’t threaten him,” she added. “It takes a type of man that is excited by exploitation.”

If what Hategan says is correct, then Anglin and his peers may be exactly how one would imagine them: lonely, desperate for attention, and mentally ill, as they rely on the attention of 11-year-olds to feel validated.

Making sure our children steer away from people like them should be our priority.

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