An Oklahoma Gym Fights Unhealthy Habits, As Well As Unemployment

A gym owner in Edmond, Oklahoma is giving back to the society by training people to become stronger, not just physically, but also emotionally.

Michael Worley is a health trainer based in Edmond, Oklahoma. Although his gym’s official website says it helps people reach their fitness goals, he does more than just that.

Cuts in the state’s oil and gas industries caused many layoffs in 2015. In fact, more workers are expected to lose their jobs this year. This is naturally having an adverse effect on people’s health and this is where Worley comes in.

His gym FIT4U offers laid-off workers free workouts so they can get healthy and fight off the stress of unemployment.

"It's how I’m wired, I guess,” Worley told KFOR in an interview. “Always wanted to give back. I've had so many people help me. It's only right to do it in return."

Unemployment brings plenty of stress, from financial to emotional, and it takes a toll on people thrust into uncertainty. 

“The No. 1 way to fight that is to work out,” the trainer added. “You get in the gym. You get to meet some new people, some new friends. You know you're financially strapped, we'll cover it for ya. That's just what we do."

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