School Forces Teenager To Get Down On Her Knees To Measure Her Skirt

The school responded by saying suggestions for changes are welcome, as long as it’s done professionally.

In what appears to be yet another outrageous incident of fashion policing by high school authorities, a 17-year-old girl was humiliated for wearing clothes her principal deemed inappropriate.

Amanda Durbin, a senior at Edmonson County High School, attended classes this week in a knee-length dress — pictured above  and even paired it with black tights and boots to cover her legs. Her look was modest, something her mother said she “could wear to church.”

Yet, she got in a lot of trouble over it.

Principal Tommy Hodges summoned Durbin to his office where the teen was forced to get on her knees as he used a ruler to measure how the end of her dress was from far the floor.

"I felt like I was somebody that had done something wrong even though I know I hadn't,” she told WBKO. "There were at least 30 to 40 or more girls that were either sent home or told they needed to change because they were out of dress code. Some of them were wearing the same thing I was wearing.”

After Durbin’s story made headlines, the school responded by saying that the rules are made by the site base council and that suggestions for changes are welcome, as long as it’s done professionally.

"We're not a church, we're not a business, we're a school,” Hodges said. "It's where kids are learning and we're trying to educate them every day. Whether the dress code is a little more strict or a little more relaxed, we're a different entity than everything that has been mentioned.”

It’s not as if it’s a recent phenomenon but stories of mostly female students being punished over the kind of clothes they wear are frequently emerging.

While school administrations believe they are doing the right thing, the policing essentially makes young girls feel like their worth or character could only be judged on the basis of what they wear — that women in the society are nothing more than an object of distraction.

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