South Korean Team Pelted With Eggs On Their Return Home From World Cup

The South Korea soccer team had eggs and Union Jack pillows thrown at them as they returned home from the World Cup.

Unpleasant scenes unfolded as South Korea returned home from the World Cup after beating Germany.

The South Korean national team was eliminated from the World Cup in their last group stage match, but it was a close match. Despite defeating the world champions Germany by a scoreline of 2-0 to record a famous victory and knocking their opponents out of the World Cup, South Korean football team have been met with a hostile reception upon their return home.

As they arrived in Incheon after being dumped out of the World Cup, Son Heung-Min and his South Korean team-mates were pelted with eggs and Union Jack cushions upon their return home.

Some so-called fans, who definitely did not know what the term sports man spirit stands for, were not happy as their supported team could not make it further in the game. In a display of nasty behavior, these people threw eggs at the players.

Naturally, this reaction left the team shocked and confused but they remained calm on the stage.

Son Heung Min, who was the forward on the team, got almost hit by one of the eggs thrown by an unruly so-called fan. The forward looked both stunned and upset by this uncalled for reaction and decided to apologize to the fans.

The team or any team that loses any game does not deserve to be treated with such embarrassment. However, Son Heung Min still came forward and apologized.

 “Thank you to all of you who came today. I am sorry to our fans that we didn’t live up to our promise of reaching the knockout stage but I think we all saw some hope from the win over Germany. But we won’t get carried away with that bit of success, and we will continue to work hard,” he said.

In spite of the eggs and a few cushions being thrown at the team by some of the people, many respected the players and threw flowers, scarves at them. Fans from different parts of the world also send them with love and best wishes for their brave performances.  

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