Egotistical Trump Claims ‘Any Negative Polls Are Fake News’

President Donald Trump refuses to accept the fact that he is a strongly disliked president and has resorted to denouncing all negative reports as “fake news.”

U.S. Presidential Candidate Donald Trump...

President Donald Trump’s fragile ego has once again sparked a confrontation with mass media.

It never fails that whenever something remotely negative is reported about him, he responds by denouncing the media as dishonest and claiming all of the reports are fake news.

While fake news has become a rapidly growing issue that has negatively impacted the public’s trust in the media, Trump is using the problem as his personal defense against anything he doesn’t agree with.

He has slammed trusted, reputable sources, including CNN, ABC, and NBC. He also has an ongoing feud with longstanding Vanity Fair magazine as well as the popular multimedia site BuzzFeed.   

Early Monday, polls were released indicating that 53 percent of Americans don’t approve of Trump's controversial immigration ban, which is the highest disapproval rating for a new president since polls started tracking the number.

Soon after the polls were reported, Trump tweeted that they were fake.

Accepting any kind of criticism is not Trump’s strong suit. It sends him into a frenzy, which is a serious problem considering that he’s running an entire country and is subject to insurmountable criticism from all of the people he was elected to serve. This is why it is extremely important to have thick skin for this position of power.

He has proven time and time again that composure is a quality he lacks. Following the results of the election polls when it was revealed that Hillary Clinton actually won the popular vote, Trump wasted no time claiming that “illegal” voters were responsible for her popular vote victory and insisted that election fraud was to blame.

What kind of person denounces an election that they won? He was elected president regardless of who likes or dislikes him, so the popular vote should not have ruffled his feathers to that degree.

Clearly, his narcissism wouldn’t allow him to rejoice in his victory without disparaging his opponent and her supporters.

After his latest rant against his disapproval ratings, journalists and other Twitter users quickly clapped back by pointing out just how absurd and inappropriate his accusations are.

A word of advice, Mr. President: Stop with the childish feuds about trivial matters and focus on running this country. 

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