Man Took A Weird Selfie with Lovesick Egypt Air Hijacker

The man who hijacked an EgyptAir plane while claiming he was wearing a "suicide belt" was not actually a terrorist but a lovesick man who missed his ex-wife.


What would you do if a plane you were flying on had been hijacked?

Well, a 26-year-old man onboard decided that he should take a selfie with the hijacker.

Twitter, of course, is having a field day with the alleged selfie. It’s a pretty hard story to believe, but it’s difficult to deny when the photo is circulating wildly on almost all social media channels.

The original story broke on The Daily Mail, but no one knew who the guy was. He was later identified by Telegraph as oil and gas auditor Benjamin Innes, an oil and gas auditor that was originally from Leeds, England, but recently moved to Aberdeen, Scotland.

The entire situation is so completely bizarre; hijacking a plane is probably one of the scariest things that could happen, yet it seems like this whole thing is turning into some strange pre-April Fool’s joke.

Check out the selfie below:

Details have unfolded about the motives behind the EgyptAir flight hijacking that made headlines yesterday.

Thankfully, the hijacking ended with all hostages freed, but there was more to learn about the 59-year-old Egyptian man who carried out the terrifying stunt.

As it turns out, Seif Eldin Mustafa was not a terrorist nor was he a criminal taking hostages for ransom. Mustafa was simply an emotionally unstable man suffering from a broken heart.

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According to Cyprus President Nicos Anastasiades, Mustafa planned the hijacking to see his ex-wife whom he is still very much in love with.

"The hijacking is not terrorism-related," Anastasiades said at a press conference after the hijacker was arrested.

When asked if a woman was the motivation for Mustafa’s crime, the president replied, “Always there is a woman."

After the “suicide belt” he claimed to be wearing was found to be fake and the plane was grounded with most of the hostages freed, Mustafa asked to speak to his ex-wife and mother of his four children, police said.

His demands also included the release of female prisoners from Egyptian jails and the delivery of a note to a woman in Cyprus who may or may not be his ex-wife.

It was a very bizarre scenario, but Mustafa eventually surrendered and was arrested.

While Mustafa was clearly suffering from some pain or possibly a mental breakdown, his actions were not in line with the behaviors of terrorists.

Hijacking a plane is undeniably extreme and disturbing, but love can certainly make you do some crazy things.

Regardless of that though, the rise of ISIS and international terrorism has the world on high alert, Mustafa really couldn’t have chosen a worse time to pull such a selfish and senseless stunt. 

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