Egyptian Man Killed Wife Because She Only Gave Birth To Daughters

The misogynistic man initially claimed his wife accidentally fell to her death, but upon further investigation he confessed of murdering her.



An Egyptian man was reportedly arrested and will be prosecuted publically for killing his wife. Her fault: not being able to give birth to sons. In many Arab countries, not having a son is a matter of lost pride, and sometimes this pride costs innocent people their lives.

The unnamed man didn’t think once before killing his wife, who was the mother of his four daughters. He reportedly pushed his wife off the balcony, because throughout their marriage she "was only able to give birth to girls." 

It all started, when the woman who was in her late twenties tried to reason with her husband that the gender of a child was not in her hands, she also explained that the gender is “more related to the father's genes." That is when the misogynistic man lost his temper and pushed her from the fifth floor of the apartment.  

Initially, he lied to the police officers telling them his wife fell from the balcony and died. But the police further investigated the case and found evidence against him.

This led to his arrest, the man then confessed of his ghastly crime, saying he murdered the woman because she had "failed to give him a son." 

It is 2018, and yet many women in Arab countries face criticism and are unaccepted in the society because of not being able to birth sons. Families in many conservative Arab countries prefer sons over daughters because of the belief only men can keep the family names running over generations. 

Even though Saudi Arabia has allowed women to drive, in a complete overhaul of usual Saudi social practices, but trying to change the misogynist and sexist rhetoric followed by people in many Arab countries still needs a lot of work.

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