Video Of Egyptian Men Harassing Women On The Street Sparks Outrage

“These victims are hijabis, just so people would stop saying it's what women wear. These men should have the word 'harasser' tattooed on their backs.”



The disturbing level of violence, both at home and in public, against the female population in Egypt is pretty well-documented. Be it on streets where woman gets stalked and later gets blamed for dressing provocatively or be it behind closed doors where woman gets subjected to domestic violence, leaving her with bruises and a black eye.

Despite widespread criticism, such instances continue to surface on social media. In yet another horrifying video that has recently come to light, a number of men could be seen harassing Egyptian women on the country’s streets while they tried to run away from them.

In the footage uploaded on Twitter, the women, who were wearing hijab, could be heard screaming for help while a large crowd of men chased, pushed, and shoved them around.

What’s worse is that no passersby could be seen making any effort to help the victims. Instead, they were apparently enjoying the scene as some of them could be heard whistling and hooting in the background.

Although, it remained unclear when the video was shot, it highlighted the horrific reality in the country where it is apparently completely normal for most bystanders to witness women get viciously harassed right in the middle of the street – and do nothing about it.

Also, in the aftermath of such events, there are people who try to justify such horrendous behavior by blaming the victim for somehow enticing men with either their choice of clothing or something else. But if that was the case, then the women in question, who were perfectly covered from head to toe, wouldn’t have been subjected to such appalling behavior.

Unfortunately, where the video infuriated many, there were also people who held onto their sexist rhetoric.

"There's no smoke without fire, they're out in public so late at night, what do they expect?" said an online user.

However, most of the people condemned the actions of harassers.

"When the assaulter and victim are seen as the same person. We live in a society that blames women for everything corrupt. The entire world is against her, even religion favors men. We, unfortunately, live in a patriarchal society," commented another.

“These victims are hijabis, just so people would stop saying it's what women wear. These men should have the word 'harasser' tattooed on their backs," said another online user.

"Women, specifically in Egypt, have to go through this every day," wrote another, referring to ongoing issue of sexual harassment in the country.

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