Egyptian Tank Runs Over Car With Bomb, Saves 50 Lives

The Egyptian military is thanking a fearless tank driver for saving the lives of 50 civilians who could have died from a deadly bomb blast.

A fearless Egyptian tank driver spotted a car full of deadly explosives rushing toward an army checkpoint in North Sinai.

The car reportedly had four gunmen sitting inside with 100 kg of explosives.

As panic stricken-civilians run for cover, the tank runs over the explosive-laden car.

Moments later the vehicle explodes, turning the road in a black cloud of smoke. According to an Egyptian Army spokesperson, up to 50 civilians and military personnel were saved from death.

“The armed forces reiterates that such terrorist acts only strengthen our determination to continue to eradicate this terrorism in our beloved Sinai from the roots. The armed forces will continue to sacrifice all that is precious, our sons' lives, in order to preserve and protect this nation and its great people,” said the spokesperson.

Sadly, seven civilians reportedly died, including two younger children.

According to the Egyptian army, no group has taken responsibility for the deadly attack.

Since the Egyptian military started its battle against insurgents backed by ISIS, who have carried out series of suicide bombings and attacks in the country, 40 terrorists have been reportedly killed. 

But Egyptian security and military forces are also dying.

On July 8, 26 Egyptian soldiers were killed in a suicide bomb attack on an army checkpoint in northern Sinai. Later, on July 14, gunmen reportedly ambushed an Egyptian security checkpoint killing five policemen in an area just south of the capital.

Thumbnail: Reuters, Mohamed Abd El Ghany

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