El Chapo Allegedly Tried Trademarking His Name To Prepare For Big Fame

Amid suspicions that El Chapo wanted to get caught in hopes of Hollywood making a biopic of his life, officials claim his lawyers have tried to trademark his name.

Mexican drug lord Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman is notorious for leading one of the largest and most dangerous drug cartels in Mexico as well as his elaborate prison escapes.

After being on the run for six months, he has been recaptured following the release of an exclusive interview he agreed to have with Mexican actress Kate Del Castillo and American actor Sean Penn.

The interview, as detailed by Penn in The Rolling Stone, sparked speculations that El Chapo wants Hollywood to make a biopic of his life.

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Federal officials are now adding fuel to those rumors by saying the kingpin’s attorneys have made recent efforts to register “El Chapo Guzman” as a commercial trademark.

"It was an ego project, to make the movie or meet Kate Del Castillo," said Alejandro Hope, a security analyst in Mexico City.

Besides setting up meetings with famous people and trying to trademark his name, it seems El Chapo was also trying to make a love connection — perhaps another calculated move to add more scandal to his desired biopic.

In leaked messages between El Chapo and Del Castillo, he speaks to her in an overtly flirtatious manner.  

“I am more excited about you than the movie script," he reportedly wrote.

He also purportedly made promises to take care of her and introduce her to his mother, which is actually pretty standard behavior for him according to Hope.

"What's new about this? That Guzman has a weakness for women? He has 18 children, he's married to a woman 30 years younger than him,” said Hope. "What's new about that?"

His infatuation with Del Castillo could have possibly contributed to his demise. He remained in constant communication with her despite knowing that officials were likely monitoring all of his associates.

El Chapo’s seemingly incautious attitude has led to more suspicions that he got recaptured on purpose, which would also add real-life drama and excitement for the biopic.

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What might be the most ridiculous part of the convoluted soap opera this has become is that people are purchasing the now-famous “El Chapo shirt.”

The bold, floral/tribal/paisley-esque button-down El Chapo was wearing in a photo from his interview with Penn has made almost as many headlines as the recapture.


A photo posted by David Bana™ (@thanowhereman) on

The Los Angeles-based company that produces them, Barbara's, has actually sold out of their entire inventory of the shirts. The site even crashed after TMZ reported on the new fashion craze.

It’s truly disturbing that our social values have come down to this. Law-abiding citizens are aspiring to dress like an infamous Mexican drug lord in a hideous button-down shirt that looks more like it belongs in 1975 than 2016.

El Chapo may actually be on to something. All of this pandemonium surrounding his refusal to stay in prison, his love life, and his fashion sense could make for one heck of a motion picture. He's already being praised like a celebrity.  

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