El Niño Wreaks Devastation Across Peru

Peru is battered by the heaviest rains and hottest temperatures in two decades.

Widespread flooding is making life miserable Peru and Bolivia, causing damage to homes, roads and farms. The floodwaters have killed at least two people and left almost two thousand stranded.

Many others have been caught in the severe flooding along roads and in residential areas, with civil defense teams working to rescue those trapped in the flood waters.

Some places have seen 16 inches of rain, accompanied by power outages and landslides.

Peruvian authorities have been criticized for a slow response to declare an emergency and air-lift victims from isolated areas.

For many who depend on agriculture, their livelihood has been destroyed.

At least 124 Bolivian municipalities have declared a state of emergency as a result of the torrential rains.

Meteorologists say the floods are due to El Nino weather that's sweeping the continent. This year's El Nino is the strongest in 15 years — and could grow stronger still.

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Thumbnail/Banner Credits: Reuters

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