Elderly Woman Crashes Into Crowd After Mistaking Brake For Gas Pedal

A driver slammed into a crowd of people who were attending an outdoor concert in Ohio and as a result, the vehicle injured nine people.

Concertgoers were looking forward to hearing a tribute band perform, when all of a sudden a car hit a group of attendees out of nowhere.

An unidentified driver in Parma Heights, Ohio mistook the brake for the gas pedal and crashed into a crowd of people at a Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin tribute concert in Greenbrier Commons, ABC News reported.

Detective Sgt. Steve Scharschmidt told the media that the driver was in the parking lot of the concert, and hit the gas pedal instead of the brake, resulting in her driving into the dance floor and injuring eight people and herself.

Ohio concert

The Parma Heights Police Department’s parking lot is in the same vicinity as the concert’s lot.

“We had an officer inside who had heard all the people screaming, and he went out the front door,” Scharschmidt said.

The concert had more than 100 attendees and nine people were injured, with two critically injured and taken to local hospitals.

The 74-year-old driver was taken to a hospital for minor injuries and charges against her have not been reported, yet the incident is an ongoing investigation.

People who are unaware of the difference between the brake and gas pedal should either stay off the road completely or take endless driver's education classes. 

Banner Image Credit: Kristin Volk, Twitter

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