Miami Woman Attacked By Racist White Woman While Walking Dog

A woman was peacefully walking her dog in Miami when a local resident started following and harassing her with accusations of being “South Miami.”



Another incident of unabashed racism came into the limelight when a woman from Miami, Florida, recorded a video of a white woman harassing her. The video posted on Twitter shows the Florida woman, Rayne Burse, asking the white elderly woman if she was trespassing on her property and why she was bothering her.

Apparently, the elderly woman had a problem with Burse being from “South Miami” because it was considered a black part of the town.

During the one-minute video clip, the woman reached out to Burse and tried to assault her by grabbing her arm. Burse, however, managed to defend herself.

The attacker than began playing victim, acting as if Burse had hit her.

“I’m really not in the business of hitting old women, or disrespecting my elders. I tried really hard to deescalate the situation before I even decided to record, and she just wasn’t having it. I felt threatened, and I’m not sure if you can hear in the second video, but I was in the middle of a panic attack,” Burse told MIC in an interview.

Things eventually fell into place when the elderly woman was arrested on the spot. You can check out the video below:


Burse added that the incident of racism has left her shaken.

Check out how people on Twitter reacted to the incident:



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