That’s All We Need: Armed Donald Trump Supporters

Imagine hundreds of Donald Trump supporters in a single space. Now imagine them armed with guns. Not a very pleasant thought, is it?

Donald Trump’s supporters are planning an open carry demonstration outside Trump’s Fox News town hall with Sean Hannity in Pittsburgh. What’s more, they are threatening to confront any anti-Trump protesters they encounter there.

The local police have been put on alert after a “Pittsburgh Open Carry Events in Support of Trump” was posted (and later deleted) on Reddit. “The majority of us will us will be open carrying sidearms and long arms (AR-15 style preferred, but AK’s and such are fine).”

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Here are some of the comments from the thread:

“Stopping ANY attempt of roadblocks is our main objective.”

“I hope any ‘protestors’ who think it might be a good idea to pull some of the crap that we’ve seen done elsewhere remember Pennsylvania has a castle doctrine.”

Though the original thread was deleted, there are others popping up in support with content just as disturbing:

Donald Trump supporters are known to be aggressive — attacking Black Lives Matter protesters (and getting a pat on the back by their leader for it) and people getting manhandled and harassed at his rallies has become a norm. In fact, in many cases he is the one prompting the violence.

Time and again he has promised to back anyone who resorts to violence on his behalf by paying their legal fees. He makes fun of America for being "too politically correct" and not dealing with people more strictly, predicting this habit will doom the country.

He has openly refused to condemn violence at his rallies in the past. It makes one wonder about the impending event with a horde of Trump supporters, armed and itching for trouble.

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