Elizabeth Warren Rips Into Donald Trump In Epic Twitter Battle

Elizabeth Warren has proven she is no pushover after she, once again, directed a vitriol filled Twitter tirade at none other than Donald Trump.

Elizabeth Warren is the reigning queen of social media mockery.

She has ridiculed Sen. Ted Cruz’s “Letter of Sacrifices,” called Donald Trump a loser multiples times in an Twitter rant, and have stated the Ku Klux Klan loved the GOP front-runner more than the Republicans loved him.

And now she’s at it again.

Warren ripped into Donald Trump again on Friday night after he, as is his wont, gave her a nickname, “goofy,” and called into question her Native American ancestry.




This isn’t the first time the real estate mogul has accused  Warren of lying about having Indian bloodlines. In March, Trump alleged her whole life was based on a fraud and she probably got admission to Harvard just because of Affirmative Action.

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After just an hour, the Massachusetts senator replied with her own tweets, which suggested how unimpressed she was with Trump’s tirade.











The social media battle comes on the heels of Warren criticizing Trump’s victory in Indiana.

“Trump has built his campaign on racism, sexism, and xenophobia,” Warren wrote in a Facebook post. “He incites supporters to violence, praises Putin, and, according to a columnist who recently interviewed him, is "cool with being called an authoritarian" and doesn't mind associations with history's worst dictators.”

It appears Donald trump has finally met his match when it comes to abusing others on social media.

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