Even Children At School Soccer Games Are Affected By Trump’s Rhetoric

Yet another sports game at a high school is disrupted when students started chanting racist, pro-Trump slogans.

A high school soccer team made up of mostly black and Latina girls has been traumatized after rival fans started a pro-Trump chant.

Many of the players from the Beloit Memorial girls varsity team walked off the field during a game at Elkhorn Area High School, Wisconsin, when three 10-year-old girls in the audience started taunting them with the chant “Donald Trump, build that wall” and other racial slurs.

The taunt refers to the presidential hopeful’s agenda to create an impregnable wall along the U.S.-Mexico border.

“They came off the field and weren’t able to finish the game because they were too upset and distraught over what happened to them,” said coach Brian Denu. “One of the girls was cradled in the arms of one of our assistant coaches for a good 15 to 20 minutes.”

The coach said he could see “pain” in the faces of the girls because of the taunts as they tried to continue playing but some were too distraught to continue.

The rules of soccer allow referees to suspend a game due to external disruptions, which include racial slurs. They also have the right to ask team officials to remove the source of interference from the premises and it is not clear why this didn't happen.

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Elkhorn School District, whose student body is 85 percent white, conducted an investigation and discovered the chants came from elementary schoolers. However, two fans from the high school section have also been reported for yelling out “Trump, Trump, Trump,” a few times later in the game.

Jason Tadlock, superintendent of the Elkhorn Area School District, later issued a statement saying, “We apologize to the Beloit players, fans and community that were hurt and offended by the comments and words of a few of our students.”





In early March, a similar incidence occurred at a basketball game at Andrean High School in Indiana. A group of Andrean students took out placards with images of Trump and started chanting “build that wall” at the Bishop Noll team, whose players are mostly Hispanic.

Similarly in February, students visiting Perry High School in Iowa targeted the school’s basketball team — which contains diverse Latin, Native American and African American members — with chants of “Trump, Trump” and “USA.”

The word “Trump” is becoming a hate word and is being directed at minority students by white kids to send them a message of hate. The GOP front-runner is rapidly succeeding in ruining the next generation with his politically charged rhetoric.

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