Macron Shades Trump Over Climate Change Denial To Booming Applause

“What is the meaning of our life, really, if we work and live destroying the planet, sacrificing the future of our children?” Macron asked.

President Donald Trump and French President Emmanuel Macron’s bromance made headlines after they could not keep their hands off each other, but it looks like the camaraderie was short lived.

While addressing a joint session of the Congress, Macron addressed the potential threats posed by climate change, a topic Trump is not a fan of.

He discussed various topics, including human rights and terrorism. He also emphasized the United States and France needed to work together to battle the “new world order” of violence and conflict.

However, he threw some serious shade at his supposed new friend, when he talked about climate change and the authenticity of the Paris climate agreement, which the U.S. backed out of in June 2017.

Immediately after Trump had made the announcement, Macron made headlines for flipping Trump’s campaign slogan against him by tweeting: “Make our planet great again.”


During his address to Congress, the French resident subtly criticized climate change deniers of caring more about their businesses and industry then providing an “inhabitable” planet to the future generations.

“What is the meaning of our life, really, if we work and live destroying the planet, sacrificing the future of our children?” he asked amid booming applause, mostly from the Democrats.

He said he believes the U.S. and France will put aside their difference to come to an agreement on the topic of climate change.

Macron’s address was praised by many as necessary to battle the worsening climate conditions and the adverse effects if not dealt with properly.

“Donald Trump should never have rejected the Paris Climate Accord in the first place, and he should by all means reverse course immediately. Trump must listen to not only President Macron, but the majority of people in this country who want the United States to stay in the Paris Agreement. As climate-fueled disasters around the world continue to worsen, even Trump should now see that the Paris terms are immensely favorable when compared to climate inaction, denial, and isolation. Destruction wrought from climate change is only going to get worse, and the rest of the world already knows it,” said Travis Nichols, the media director for Greenpeace USA.

The world was left abashed after Trump called climate change a hoax, but many believe Macron may be able to sway Trump’s stance on the matter. Similarly, the French president might have convinced the U.S. commander-in-chief to establish a new nuclear deal with Iran — a deal Trump has been vocally against.

Trump is going to make the decision regarding the Iran deal on May 12.

“Nobody knows what I’m going to do on the 12th, although Mr. President, you have a pretty good idea,” Trump said on Tuesday, talking to Macron. “We’ll see also if I do what some people expect, whether or not it will be possible to do a new deal with solid foundations.”

Macron had recently taken credit for many of the decisions made by Trump.

For instance, he credited himself for persuading Trump to keep the troops in Syria after the U.S. president showed inclination to withdraw. He also said he convinced Trump to attack the Assad regime after an alleged chemical attack on Syria.

“This action was one of the best evidence of strong multilateralism,” Macron said during the address.

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