Macron And Trump Planted A Tree At The WH — It Just Disappeared

People believe the tree was pulled out of the White House because Trump was upset over Macron’s climate change speech.



On his recent state visit to the U.S., French President Emmanuel Macron gifted a tree known as the oak sapling to President Donald Trump as a symbol of strong ties that bind the two countries.

Macron also tweeted a video of himself along with Trump and the respective first ladies planting the tree on the South Lawn of the White House in Washington. According to Macron, the sapling was from Belleau Wood, the site where nearly 2,000 US soldiers were killed during the World War I battle in 1918.

However, within just five days, the tree mysteriously disappeared from the White House.


Recent photographs taken by Reuters photographer, Yuri Gripas, show a yellow spot of grass on the patch where the tree was planted. Surprisingly, the tree went missing after Macron addressed the potential threats posed by climate change at a joint session of Congress. Trump is known to be a climate change denier.

And now, people believe the sapling was pulled out of the White House because Trump was upset over Macron’s speech.






The White House has not commented on the sapling's disappearance. However, Gérard Araud, the French ambassador to the United States, said the tree was only removed temporarily to protect other trees in the White House from the parasites on the sapling.  It was removed to comply with the country's customs and would be replanted at a later date.

He also confirmed that the roots were protected in plastic.



Thumbnail/Banner Image: Reuters, Joshua Roberts

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