Homeless Black Man Imprisoned For 3 Months For Buying Breakfast

Emory Ellis is now suing the fast food giant for nearly $1 million, claiming the cashier discriminated against him because of the color of his skin.

In yet another disturbing display of discrimination, a homeless black man was arrested for the apparent crime of buying breakfast.

In 2015, Emory Ellis went to a Burger King to buy himself some breakfast. Little did he know that he would be spending months to come in a jail. It all started, when the cashier at the fast food giant assumed that Ellis was using fake cash to pay for his bill and called the cops.

However, Ellis was not using fake cash.

However, that didn’t stop the cops from arresting the black man and keeping him in jail for three months. Ellis was innocent but the police wrongfully charged him with forgery of a bank note.

The 37 –year- old is now suing Burger King for nearly $1 million.

His lawyer, Justin Drechsler, claimed the cashier discriminated against his client because of the color of his skin. The attorney believes the same cashier wouldn’t have called the cops if a white man had handed over him the bill. Even in case of suspicion, the cashier would have apologized and returned the money back.

But the cops were called on Ellis because he was black.

"A person like me would've gotten an apology, but a person like Emory somehow finds his way in handcuffs for trying to pay for his breakfast with real money," said Drechsler, who is white himself.

According to the lawsuit, in 2016, the homeless man was released from jail somewhere in February, when prosecutors dropped the charge after the Secret Service concluded Ellis' bill was, in fact, real.

The lawsuit also claimed Ellis never got his money back.

"Nobody deserves to be treated the way that Emory was treated," said Drechsler.

Ellis’ lawsuit was filed in Suffolk Superior Court, where he’s seeking $950,000 for being discriminated. 

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