You Won't Believe Fox News's Absurd Claims About Obama's Tears

A Fox News roundtable began theorizing that Obama used a "raw onion" to fake his tears during Tuesday's speech as he remembered the children who died in Sandy Hook.

On Tuesday, President Obama delivered a moving, powerful speech about the gun violence we have seen become the norm in America, and the new gun control policies he is introducing to help curb this. In a very human moment, as he remembered the fallen elementary school children of the Sandy Hook shooting, he wiped away a few tears.

Fox News, incapable of not criticizing the President’s every move, called the display of emotion “not believable,” theorizing different methods Obama could have used to fabricate the tears.

Host Andrea Tantaros said she would, “check the podium for a raw onion or some [Johnson’s baby shampoo] No More Tears,” adding, “I mean. It’s not really believable. It is awards season after all." Meghan McCain chimed in, calling it “not horribly authentic” and “bad political theater.”

The roundtable claimed that Obama only “ever gets upset about this, and never about terror.” What a monster Obama is, becoming emotionally upset over dead children! He has, of course, also shown great sorrow regarding terror attacks in the past, but since Fox News operates with tunnel vision, it may be difficult for them to remember such incidents (not to mention, the Sandy Hook shooting was an instance of domestic terrorism).

You can watch the entire, ridiculous video above. 

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