Employer Films Maid As She Hangs From A Building, Begging For Help

This painful incident demonstrates the plight of domestic staff in the Middle East and shows the inhuman treatment of the help.

For decades, domestic help in the oil-rich Persian Gulf, hailing from developing south and Southeast Asian countries, has suffered torture at the hands of their wealthy, mostly Arab, employers.

Another outrageous incident, which demonstrates the plight of domestic staff in the Middle East, just came to light. A horrific video shows a house maid hanging from the seventh floor of an apartment in building in Al-Salem, Kuwait.

The video clearly shows the woman begging for help but her heartless employer pays no heed to her pleas. Seconds later she falls from the seventh floor but miraculously lands on a corrugated roof of a laundry below.

Meanwhile, the employer, who remains unidentified, filmed the entire ordeal.


The victim’s lawyer, Fawzia Al-Sabah, announced that a complaint will be filed against the maid’s employer with the public prosecutor as he stood beside the window and didn’t offer help.

Unbelievably, the woman survived. Soon after the incident, she was rushed to a hospital where doctors told she had suffered multiple fractures.

The video below shows her rescue.


The incident sparked outrage on Twitter, where some vented their anger while others couldn’t believe it was real.


However, this is not the first time domestic help in the oil rich countries have been treated terribly. Recently, 143 distressed Filipina maids left Kuwait for home after suffering years of torture at the hands of their wealthy employers. Most of the time, maids’ passports are confiscated upon arrival so it’s practically impossible for them to escape the abuse.

Not long ago, news emerged about an Indian maid who lost her arm while allegedly trying to flee her abusive employer in Saudi Arabia. The Indian foreign ministry had pressed Riyadh for an independent investigation of the case and for the accused to be charged with attempted murder.

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