EMTs Recorded Themselves Ignoring Calls To Order White Castle Burgers

Two emergency medical technicians-who videotaped themselves through a live-stream at a drive-thru line and missed an emergency call, have chosen to resign from their careers.

Naturally, most of us expect EMT first responders to arrive at an emergency scene shortly after we call 911 on the phone.

For two EMTs in New Jersey, they willingly decided to ignore an emergency call from dispatch and continue to wait for their food at White Castle.

During their time waiting in line at the fast-food restaurant, the first responders used Periscope to live-stream their time in line while also explaining why they missed the required 911 call they were supposed to attend.

white castle burgers

"Did I get a call yeah but I am in the middle of ordering," one of the EMTs said on Periscope obtained by News12. "Waiting for my food, can't just drive off."

James Hovan, one of the EMTs, assumed that the call they skipped was a "taxi ride" in which the patient didn’t have a medical emergency, but simply wanted a ride to the hospital, according to News12.

The Periscope video resurfaced to University Hospital in Newark where the EMTs work at, in which hospital officials spoke about the occurrence.

"Although our investigation has determined that no patients were harmed as a result of this misconduct, University Hospital is reviewing our policies to ensure our continuous commitment to patient care and safety," hospital officials said in a statement.

Once the video was released, the EMTs were suspended without pay.

Yesterday, the emergency medical technicians decided to resign from their jobs following their suspension.

EMTs need to respond to emergency calls immediately, no matter where they are during their break.

Deciding to miss an emergency call and having dispatch decide to call other EMTs on duty could be time wasted and could truly cost a patient their life. 

Banner Image Credit: Miyagawa, Wikimedia Commons

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