This Mother's Tragic Story Exposes The Flawed US Immigration System

Her son was adopted by a family who not only changed his name to Jamison Moser but also fought a case for the immigrant mother to never be allowed to meet the child.



President Donald Trump’s draconian “zero-tolerance” policy ripped families apart and separated thousands of innocent children from their parents.

As the policy was implemented, horror stories of child separations came forward where kids less than the age of five were brutally taken away from their parents.

However, a case of Encarnación Bail Romero, a Guatemalan immigrant, highlights the history of America’s broken immigration system.

She was arrested in 2007 during an immigration raid at a chicken plant in southwestern Missouri. She had an eleven-month-old son, Carlos, with her at that time who was taken away and was handed over to relatives of the woman. A judge later ruled the child to be taken away from the family and friends who were taking care of him and to be put in government custody.

Carlos was then put up for adoption.  

He was then adopted by a family who not only forcefully changed his name to Jamison Moser but also fought a case for Bail Romero to never be allowed to meet the child.

The case went on and eventually the judge announced the woman had lost her parental rights because she abandoned Carlos when she was jailed during the raid. Moreover, the court also declared that the woman was not even allowed to see her son.

After arriving in the United States, Romero was working as an immigrant farmer in the state. She was working hard and was meeting the expenses of her family on her own.

Despite the court ruling, Romero didn’t give up.

She fought hard to take back her son’s custody but all she saw were closed doors wherever she went. Romero even appealed to the Supreme Court but they turned down the request and refused to listen to her case.

Carlos now lives in rural Missouri with his adoptive parents and everyone calls him Jamison Moser.

Romero was working really hard to look after her family before the raid took place. So, separating a mother and a child on the basis of poverty and unemployment can’t be justified.

And while there is no definite answer to what will happen to those families who are separated under Trump’s immigration policy, unfortunately, it can’t be completely ruled out that they could be put on the same path that Romero and Carlos were made to go through.

Banner/Thumbnail Credits: Reuters, Loren Elliott

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