EPA Chief Pruitt: The Bible Says 'Harvest Natural Resources' Like Coal

Pruitt added Christianity also guides his work in the government. Does it include his regular first-class flights?

Environmental Protection Agency

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) head Scott Pruitt believes Earth’s resources like oil and coal ought to be exploited.

His reason: The Bible says so.

In an interview with the Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN), notorious for pushing pro-Trump content, Pruitt explained how his religious beliefs helped him choose and go about his government job, which includes formulating appropriate environmental policies.

“The biblical world view with respect to these issues is that we have a responsibility to manage and cultivate, harvest the natural resources that we've been blessed with to truly bless our fellow mankind,” he stated.

Pruitt then slammed "left-wing" environmentalists, who, according to him, do not want to utilize the resources our planet has to offer.

“The ‘environmental left’ tells us that, though we have natural resources like natural gas and oil and coal, and though we can feed the world, we should keep those things in the ground, put up fences and be about prohibition,” he said. “That’s wrongheaded and I think it's counter to what we should be about.”

Meanwhile, scientists have found, via years of hard work and study, reserves must not be exhausted if we do not want a worldwide catastrophe.

But one can't expect much respect for scientific research from the EPA head who is a notorious climate change denier and during his time in office, so far, has made a number of controversial decisions, including tearing down the Clean Power Plan, the Obama era-rule that aimed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from power plants.

This is not the first time Pruitt has invoked the Bible to support his ideas. He often says God created humans to be "good stewards" on Earth.

In the CBN interview, Pruitt also mentioned how Christianity guided his work in the government.

"It was actually Isaiah chapter one that I was reading through at that time that really spoke to my heart," he added. "Specifically, in the latter part of chapter one where God says to Israel, ‘I will restore your leaders as in the days of old, your judges as at the beginning.’ And there was just a desire that welled up in me to say, ‘I want to be like those leaders that we had at our founding, at the inception of our country.’”

Pruitt, however, didn't discuss what drives his penchant for using taxpayer money to purchase first-class flights and book luxury hotels, thereby spending way more than his predecessors, according to a recent analysis by The Washington Post.

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