EPA Chief Scott Pruitt Refuses To Believe Humans Cause Climate Change

“I think that we’ve done better than anybody in the world at burning coal cleanly. We have nothing to be apologetic about.”

Environmental Protection Agency chief Scott Pruitt still refuses to believe humans are the primary cause of climate change.

On Sunday, while discussing President Donald Trump’s executive order on climate with Fox News host Chris Wallace, Pruitt was asked point blank why he planned to ax environmental regulations when it has been proven that carbon dioxide is a major contributor to climate change.

According to Pruitt, President Barack Obama put clean power policies in place “through executive fiat” but Trump plans to overturn them, stating cutting the rules on power plant emissions will create jobs in America.

“You think that rewriting and, in fact, doing away with the clean power plan is going to improve air quality, which you say is a major goal?” Wallace asked Pruitt.

He then said the United Nations research indicates that “it’s 95 percent likely that at least half of the temperature increase since the mid-20th century is due to human activities,” and asked if Pruitt expected people to believe all of it was a coincidence.

Pruitt admitted to the fact that the earth was warming but rejected the fact that most of it was due to human activities.

“There’s a warming trend, the climate is changing, and human activity contributes to that change in some measure,” he said. “The real issue is how much we contribute to it, and measuring that with precision.”

“But don’t you think the fact that we have these coal power plants belching carbon emissions into the air, you don’t think that plays a role?” Wallace asked.

Even despite the abundance of evidence, Pruitt refused to concede.

“I think that we’ve done better than anybody in the world at burning coal cleanly,” Pruitt stated. “We have nothing to be apologetic about.”

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