Eric Trump Absurdly Claims Wisconsin Recount Killed ‘5,000 Children’

President–elect Donald Trump’s son, Eric, claimed in a tweet over the weekend that 5,000 children died because of the recount effort in Wisconsin.

It seems the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree in the Trump family as Eric Trump shares his father’s knack for making ridiculous statements on Twitter.

Ove the weekend, Trump proclaimed in a tweet that “at least 5,000 children” had died as a consequence of the recount effort in Wisconsin launched by Green Party candidate Jill Stein.

The tweet linked to a Forbes column by conservative writer Chris Conover, who believed that Stein could have better used the $3.5 million spent on the recount for malaria prevention.

Needless to say, some Twitter users were quick to jump on the Trumpling’s absurd claim, pointing out that thousands of children could be saved using money taxpayers spend on security for his father in New York. Better yet, a lot of lives could be saved if his father paid taxes in the first place.

This isn’t the first time Trump has ended up with his foot in his mouth. Back in August, during an interview with CBS, he implied that women who get sexually harassed often “allow” the assault to occur.

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Eric Trump isn’t alone in following his father’s footsteps; his older brother, Donald Trump Jr., also came under fire a few months ago for a tweet in which he compared Syrian refugees to Skittles.

With four years to go, prepare for a boat-load of these jewels from the Trump offspring in the future. 

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